Moises Total Men's Care Kit Moises Total Men's Care Kit Moises Total Men's Care Kit Moises Total Men's Care Kit Moises Total Men's Care Kit

Moises Total Men's Care Kit

24.4 oz — 95.00

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Includes all 6 products of the MOISES Men's Care collection in a functional canvas dopp kit.

The Moises Shaving regimen provides a super close shave leaving your skin feeling smooth, refreshed and energized. The Clean Up and The Styler complete the set, every product over-performs.

Kit includes all full size products.

  • THE WARM UP | Energizing Shave Cream
  • THE SOOTHER | Razor Relief
  • THE COOL DOWN | Refreshing After Shave
  • THE HYDRATOR | Daily Moisturizer
  • THE CLEAN UP | Head-To-Toe Shampoo
  • THE STYLER | Light + Long Lasting Hold Hair Gel
    • Refer to individual product listing for usage.

      Paraben Free, Petrolatum Free, Fragrance Free (No synthetic fragrance added)
      All ingredients are US, including CA-Prop 65, and EU Compliant

      Made in USA

      MOISES. Bringing your "A" game.


      Refer to individual product listing for ingredients

      "The Moises Shave Cream helps me maintain that close shave feel all day long"

      The Moises products are blended with unique botanicals for the closest shave, the sharpest cut and the smoothest skin.

      • Peppermint Oil has a scent that recognized easily with its minty, fresh and uplifting aroma.

      • Eucalyptus Oil comes from the dried leaves of the eucalyptus tree, native to Australia. It has a unique scent that is fresh, clean and earthy.

      • Ginger Root Extract can increase circulation and improve the appearance of the skin. It has antiseptic properties and acts as an anti-inflammatory for soothing the skin.

      • Starfruit can bring emolliency and moisture to the skin for a soft and smooth feeling.

      • Tea Tree Leaf Oil with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aids in soothing the skin. It has a crisp, fresh scent and helps maintain a healthy-looking scalp and hair.