Moises Shaving Essentials Kit Moises Shaving Essentials Kit Moises Shaving Essentials Kit Moises Shaving Essentials Kit

Moises Shaving Essentials Kit

12.7 oz — 65.00

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Includes all 4 products in the MOISES shaving regimen in a functional canvas dopp kit.

Start with The Warm Up for a super close shave followed by The Soother for immediate relief from razor burn. Layer on The Cool Down for a calming shave soother and complete with The Hydrator for all day moisture without a sticky feel.

Kit includes all full size products.

  • THE WARM UP | Energizing Shave Cream
  • THE SOOTHER |  Razor Relief
  • THE COOL DOWN | Refreshing After Shave
  • THE HYDRATOR | Daily Moisturizer
  • Refer to individual product listing for usage.

    Paraben Free, Petrolatum Free, Fragrance Free (No synthetic fragrance added)
    All ingredients are US, including CA-Prop 65, and EU Compliant

    Made in USA

    MOISES. Bringing your "A" game.


    Refer to individual product listing for ingredients

    "The Moises Shave Cream helps me maintain that close shave feel all day long"

    Moises products are blended with unique botanicals for a close, smooth shave.

    • Starfruit  can bring emolliency and moisture to the skin for a soft and smooth feeling. It has anti-inflammatory effects and can calm stressed skin.

    • Shea Butter  nourishes the skin with Vitamins A & E which help keep the skin clear and healthy. Includes Vitamin F which acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator.

    • Kola Nut contains natural caffeine and is an anti-inflammatory agent. It soothes, moisturizes and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

    • Cucumber Extract is a cooling, healing agent that soothes irritated skin.

    • Lemongrass Oil acts as an astringent to minimize the appearance of pores and oil. It will help the skin feel smooth and toned. With anti-fungal properties, it is perfect for all skin types including oily complexions. Lemongrass has a natural scent that is bright, refreshing with a hint of citrus.