After years refining the perfect balance of natural ingredients found in the Caribbean, Moises “Jordan” Lopez introduces his signature line of grooming products specifically for men. Enriched blends of starfruit, lemongrass and fruit oils form MOISES MEN’S CARE. In addition to being made in the USA without any synthetic ingredients, each product is fragrance free, paraben free, and petroleum free. Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed, and energized.

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About Moises "Jordan" Lopez

Many years ago, after leaving the Dominican Republic, Moises opened his barber shop within the shadows of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. His talent as a barber along with his charisma was hard to miss. He began to cut the hair of many sports celebrities in and around the New York area and became known as the "Barber to the Athletes". The combination of extreme pride and his attention to detail has allowed him to excel in his profession. People began to call him the "Michael Jordan" of haircutting, meaning "THE BEST", and Moises took pride in his nickname "Jordan". Moises was featured in many articles and interviews, and before long, he had his own sports and entertainment talk show on Fox Sports called "Back of the Shop". He was also featured in a special segment before the 2015 All Star Baseball game.

Many of Moises's clients knew of his desire to create a product line that matched his high standards. They encouraged him, and, after a long developmental phase, he launched the Moises “Jordan” Lopez product line, Moises Men’s Care. Moises is strongly championed by a roster of sports athletes, including Carlos Gomez (Texas Rangers), Albert Pujols (Anaheim Angels), Carlos Beltran (Houston Astros), Felix Hernandez (Seattle Mariners), and Jose Reyes (New York Mets).

Moises is extremely charitable and committed to helping the young people in his home country of the Dominican Republic and other countries where extreme poverty exists. Moises Men's Care has committed to repatriate 8% of the net sales proceeds to charitable endeavors.

Moises continues to enthusiastically cut hair and travel cross country as his player-clients demand his skill. Moises Mens Care products are available in Moises's two barber shops located in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan, and online here.